Alpenfluh Stammhaus

Stammhaus – Age and Beauty

Of our three houses, the Stammhaus is the oldest. This historic farmhouse, known as a Walserhaus, was built in 1421 and used as a classic mountain farm for several centuries. It came into the possession of our family three generations ago, when Arbogast Wolf purchased and continued to use it in its original purpose.

A few decades later, in the 1950s, the Wolf family made their first guest rooms available to the public. The renovations and new building projects which continue to this day also began during this period.

Most recently, we have renovated the first floor of the house and five of its guest rooms. We always make architectural and design interventions very carefully, recognizing that the old age of the Stammhaus has in no way a negative influence on its beauty. On the contrary: exposing the old wooden ceilings and walls, for example, unveiled many lovely surprises.

A special characteristic of the Stammhaus is the variety and individuality of its guest rooms. Large rooms, small rooms, some with two beds and some with more, with balcony and without – like a group of characters making up one big family.

All the rooms have at least one thing in common though: our Spa is mere steps away. Cuddled up against the side of the mountain it awaits, ready to cocoon you in its peaceful warmth after a long day of skiing and fun.

We have also gently renovated the old farmhouse parlours. They retain all of their original charm and are highly conducive to cosy get-togethers large or small. This is also where we serve the evening meals. Breakfast can be enjoyed here, or in Alpenfluh II. (See Food and Drink)