Our Guest Rooms – Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Full of anticipation, Open the door to your room, Walk in, Unload your things, Have a look around, Get to know the feel of the place, Marvel at the view from your window, Flop down on your bed, the comfy chair or couch, Take a deep breath, You’ve arrived!

Our rooms differ as much as the stylistic periods during which the houses were built. Or, perhaps, as different as the members of our family or of our various guests. Some visitors plan ahead to always have their favorited room, while some thrill at the chance to try a new one each visit.

One thing all of our guest rooms share is the love and care we’ve put into their details over the years. We source local woods, natural materials and warm, organic colours. To be honest, we’re just following our own taste in how we decorate and arrange the rooms. For several years now, we’ve even had a say in the design of the furniture. You can read more about that in the Architecture section.

Resa Wants – Our Skin Care Products

When Miri had the idea to outfit the Pension Alpenfluh’s bathrooms with refillable, mostly organic, durable products, she began an investigation into a huge range of hotel skincare and cosmetic products.

For the Pension Alpenfluh, she was looking for products that would meet her own high standards and fit in with the pure, nature feeling of our guest bathrooms. More specifically, she wanted products made from local alpine herbs and found that there was a dearth of these available. So, she decided to make her own! First came a liquid soap for hands, hair, and body, accompanied by a body lotion.

Because her brand has proven so successful, Miri is steadily expanding her range of products. Her latest project is establishing her own store in the Stammhaus. Here, guests at the hotel as well as visitors just passing by can get tips and take home beautiful, high-quality vacation souvenirs. And for those who managed to forget something, there’s always www.resawants.com to turn to.

The range of Resa Wants products contain the purest herbal distillations, oils, and extracts from certified organic sources. They’re supplemented with only the most necessary additional ingredients to best create well-balanced herbal blends. Resa Wants is unisex, vegan, and made in Austria.