The Pension Alpenfluh – on the Sunny Side

Drive up the street, Get a big welcome from Omeshorn, Arrive full of anticipation, With family or with friends, Relax in our cosy rooms, Pursue your hobbies, Throw on your skis and away you go, Rejuvenate in the spa, Enjoy lovely meals and fine beverages, Have such fun you never want to leave!

As soon as you arrive at the Tannberg in Lech, Pension Alpenfluh welcomes you with a smile. It is our home, the centre of our lives, and it will be your home for your stay during the winter season.

We warmly welcome you into our three guest houses (Stammhaus, Alpenfluh II and Haus Arbogast). Each house was built in a different period, giving each its own special character and style. Over the years we have spruced things up here and there where time and the elements have left their mark. By staying true to natural materials, gentle colours and strong, simple forms, we have created a holistic feeling among all three houses in spite of their disparate ages. They’re contemporary yet ageless, like the mountains themselves.

We have known some of our regular visitors since the younger generation were still just toddling around. Now even the grandchildren spend their winter holidays with us at the Pension Alpenfluh, watching with wonder as the snow falls all around.

For those of you considering your first visit with us, we welcome you to our site – to look, read and get a feel for the place. By the way, we are open only for the winter seasons.

And now for the most important thing: We pride ourselves on our attention to our guests and their needs. Earning their trust and making them feel at home is our greatest pleasure and first priority.

On that note, we hope to see you soon and wish you a most enjoyable stay!

The Wolf Family