Welcome to Pension Alpenfluh!

Spending your holidays at the Pension Alpenfluh means spectacular views – inside and out! Depending on the orientation of your room in one of our three guest houses, you might enjoy a breathtaking prospect of the fabulous mountain scenery or the charming centre of the nearby village. The ski slopes are only a stone’s throw away from the Stammhaus. Just clip on your skis and away you go!

Dear Guests,

what a turbulent year we’ve all had so far! You’re certainly longing for some peace and quiet. But you’re probably also wondering if this will even be possible during your well-deserved winter vacation. We can confidently say that you can rest assured. We have used the early ending of the season and the summer break to make our Alpenfluh as unattractive as possible for the corona virus. In this effort, we’re focusing on both new best practices and the tried-and-tested. Our mania for cleanliness, for example, which we used to take for granted, has become positively something to celebrate! And apart from numerous smaller and larger safety measures – too numerous, indeed, to mention here – I would like to warmly recommend our own disinfectant lotion, Resa Wants Herbal Hand Wash to Go. You’ll find it placed throughout the guest houses where clean hands are especially important. And what role do Karl and Choupette play in all this? A supporting one, that much is clear …

But we’re not the only ones carefully preparing ourselves and our staff: all of Lech is staying vigilant and carefully observing the need to keep safe physical distance. Much thought in our community has been given to figuring out how to best ensure the safest possible winter vacation. For example, if any of you have concerns about getting into a crowded gondola in the morning, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Additional buses are available to reduce the number of passengers and bring you safely to Zürs. In addition, our ski area offers eight possibilities for reaching the slopes without even needing a cable car. If you are uncertain about anything, please ask us for further information!

With all this in mind, we are looking forward to a great, very mindful season ahead of us. If we take special care of ourselves and our fellow human beings, we can create the best possible conditions for an enjoyable and relaxed winter vacation despite all the restrictions.

We are so looking forward to seeing you again
and wish you all the best,

Stay Safe!

Miri and the Wolf Family