Haus Arbogast - Our House for Generations

If you’ve spotted our Stammhaus while driving up the Tannberg in Lech, then you’ll see Haus Arbogast right next door. Its bright and friendly look hints at the magnificent views of the village and the mountain panorama which its guests will enjoy.

We completed the construction of the house in just 8 months during 2014. Not only does it represent a retreat for our family, it also offers our guests two large family apartments with kitchen.

Arbogast? What a funny name for a house!

To all of our guests who puzzle over the origin of the name “Arbogast”, we explain that our paternal great-grandfather was given this name, which was in fact not unusual at the time. It was common practice in our region to mark houses and farms with special designations, so called Hausnamen, born out of the necessity for points of orientation in a time without land registers or house numbers. The Hausnamen were at least as familiar to everyone in the village as the names of the inhabitants, from which they were often derived. Our house name “Gäschtler”, derived from “Arbogast”, is well-known to everyone in Lech.

Nowadays, the house Gäschtler, which we have always called “Stammhaus”, and Haus Arbogast stand side by side. They are witnesses of different time periods and lifestyles. With Haus Arbogast we carry a piece of family history into the present – and into the future.