…. great-grandfather Bernhard Wolf transported guests (officially) and miscellaneous semi-luxury goods (less officially – the carriage had a false bottom) from Langen to Lech. It was the time between the two World Wars, when crossing the Flexenpass, the journey took a horse-drawn carriage and its passengers an inconvenient four hours – today it can be crossed by car in approx. twenty minutes.

Due to the length of the trip, one can be easily overpowered by sleep, that’s why the faithful horses now and then found their way home alone. An anecdote tells that they even trotted on after great-grandfather had fallen in a drowsed state off the coachman’s seat, only to wake up abruptly.
He immediately jumped back on his seat and told the stunned guests that he just had quickly
checked the carriage. Despite or even because of such adventurous experiences the guests always reached the popular holiday resort Lech safely.

As the family house stands today, it has a history to tell. In the beginning the old family house was a farmhouse, then it was modified to accommodate six guests, and finally it was rebuilt in 1965 to resume its function as guesthouse accommodating up to 50 beds.

Because of its own expanding family and the increasing demand for guest rooms, the „Alpenfluh II“ was built twenty years later. The former „young“, Doris and Peter, still run the Alpenfluh – energetically supported by daughter and junior boss Miri – in a pleasantly straightforward way. This has been honoured by numerous regular guests for decades.